Changing Education Now!

Like the picture above, what may have once been a beautiful, working structure has since fallen somewhat into ruin and is no longer amazing or effective. This is a simile for our education system. What worked in the past definitely needs a major overhaul!

Hello to everyone interested in alternative education and education reform. My name is Tama, which rhymes with Mama, and is an older Japanese name. I was named after my maternal grandmother. I am a single mother of a bright young man who is now 21. During his formative years, he struggled with conformity in the public school system, and I was so happy when he graduated. I have taught in public schools in North Carolina and Georgia and believe that the faculty and staff work very hard to educate our young population at large, BUT they are working within a system that is failing. I want to be very clear on this point. I don’t believe the people are failing the children, I believe the system is failing the students. As I listen to parents and school employees alike, it seems they all have issues with our educational practices.

Enter the alternative education programs. Not the ones run by the public school districts which take those students who have been suspended repeatedly (there is no such thing as expulsion in public school anymore, the system must provide an educational environment for ALL students), but those that are run privately.

My overall goal is to provide an educational environment that allows kids to be kids. One that gives them a voice in their curriculum, discipline, and general school functions, from hiring faculty and staff to making and executing daily rules and regulations.

Our youngest generation is smart and capable; we have only to show that we trust in them to make the right decisions, and with gentle guidance, they will flourish!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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