Shocked into Inaction! September 14th Changed My Life!

SHOCKED! FROZEN! I just couldn’t believe it, they actually liked my idea. I thought for sure they would tell me, “It won’t work,” “Go back to the drawing board,” “Lady, you’re crazier than you look!” but none of those things happened. After giving a quickly prepared spiel, I sat shocked and frozen with my mouth agape when one of my mentors looked at me, sat back, tapped his pen down on his notes and said with a little nod, “This is totally doable.”

My oh so eloquent response was, “Really?”

There are only a few date defining moments in a person’s life, one of mine was September 14th 2018, but let me back up a bit.

I had been taking free seminars from a local organization, SCORE, which helps new business owners get up and running. My idea was to start an educational non-profit organization (NPO) targeting struggling high school students in low socioeconomic brackets. I wanted to provide support services such as medical care and mental health services as well as food and resource programs. Research has shown these factors greatly affect a student’s success in school.

I filled out the form requesting a business mentor and was contacted within a few days.  My appointment was set for September 14th, one day before my 46th birthday.

I fully intended on researching and compiling my presentation for the meeting, but procrastination took hold of my distractible mind and I found myself furiously writing notes 30 minutes before I needed to leave for the meeting. After a few moments I felt the light bulb go on above my head. “I’m going to start a school!” I said aloud with a little head nod. It was something I had been contemplating for years. I quickly wrote out an outline of what I wanted to cover in the meeting, silently thanked my friend MJ for planting the seed years ago, packed up my stuff and headed to the car. I practiced what I would say on the 40 minute drive to the meeting.

Entering the room and making introductions, I was nervous, but the nervous energy quickly transferred to powering my true passion as I jumped right in, explained my plan, and was truly shocked when they expressed it would work and that I seemed to have a perfect skill set for my proposal.

I left exhilarated, my mind racing, thinking about everything I would do with my school, how different it would be and how it would work.

By the time I got home, I had enveloped myself with inaction. My brain was thinking about everything I would do, but I didn’t write one note, didn’t do one moment of research, didn’t contact any of the people I said I would to learn about opening a school. Emotional shock set in and I only ate, slept and did mindless tasks for 2 full weeks. I played games on my phone and binge watched whole series of shows. The monstrous hand of inaction had a stranglehold on me, and I let it, without a fight…


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