BAD TEACHER! (Bop on the Nose!)

BAD TEACHER! I’m bopping myself on the nose because I let my teacher certification lapse!

I know, I shouldn’t have, and I told myself I would keep it active, but… I stopped teaching in public school, and then my renewal date came up, and I just wasn’t feeling the renewal so I didn’t (a bit flighty, I know, but true).

My overall blah feeling for conformity on top of family reactions when I mentioned teaching again in public school greatly decreased my motivation to keep my certification.

Me: “I really miss teaching, I want to teach!  Maybe I should go back to public schools?”

Family members: Look that says, “You’re INSANE!” OR verbal confirmation, “Seriously?NO! You were miserable there. It’s not worth it!”

Now, I’m finding out what I need to do to get my certification back.

Why? Because I REALLY want to take the post-grad STEAM classes with Dr. Gess (open to certified teachers only)! AND marketability for our community’s future school.

I don’t teach better, or worse because I have, or don’t have a certificate. In fact, I learned in STEAM teams, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a successful teacher is the ability to care and learn WITH the child. It’s not always the smartest ones, or the ones that can jump easily through all the requirement hoops (although I have yet to meet a teacher that easily jumps through hoops, all the hoops are frustrating and/or time consuming!).

I promise you, if you think back to your best teachers, you weren’t concerned about whether or not they were certified. You weren’t looking for a piece of paper from some outside entity, you were looking for a CONNECTION, and you found it!

Do not think I abhor certified teachers, some of my best friends are certified teachers! They work very hard to meet all the requirements necessary to stay certified and teach. I admire them and the time and effort they put in EVERY day. I do wish they would fight back against the system more, but, I understand not everyone has the means to do so.

I checked in with GAPSC (Georgia Professional Standards Commission) to find out what I need to do for my expired renewal. From what I read online, I just have to complete some course hours in the next 3 years, which I am happy to do, but I want to make sure I understand exactly what is required. Sometimes I get confused reading all the information on websites, and it is always nice to have verbal/email human confirmation!

I’ve noticed that most private schools, even though they are not required to have certified teachers, have certified teachers. They are also not required to be accredited, but most seem to be. I’m guessing as I look into this further, the needs of post secondary schools and employment prospects may require a diploma from an accredited school.

Although, homeschool students manage to become gainfully employed and go to college, and I don’t think they’re accredited…

Speaking of (or rather, writing of) homeschool,  I’ve been looking into that as well. Read tomorrow’s post to see what I’ve discovered about homeschooling so far.



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