Excitement Abounds! My First School Visit!

I cannot begin to express how excited (and a bit nervous) I am about my first school visit. Whether public or private, schools are extremely busy places and I am so very thankful when administrators, directors, faculty or staff agree to have me as a guest.

I have 4 school visits lined up over the next few months, and I cannot wait to get to each school.

Heartwood ALC has agreed to let me visit today. Since this is my first school visit, I’m not really sure what to expect (although I’m sure all schools do their tours differently). I have a list of questions I want to ask, and I’m sure more will pop up as I spend some time at the school (technically, learning center, but I like calling all the wonderful locations that teach, schools).

Heartwood is part of an organization of Agile Learning Centers that facilitate the learning process through self-directed learning, democratic process, and Kanban. Kanban is an organizational system utilized to facilitate changing a system to meet the needs of the people using the system.

It is amazing that as busy as schools are, they are willing to share their process with visitors. All the schools I have contacted have been more than happy to meet with me in person, and some have offered to have conversations with me on the phone immediately. These education professionals take time out of the extremely busy schedule to teach people from the community about their school, the process, and give advice. Much wisdom has been imparted to me over these phone conversations.

I seem a bit to excited to write and must get ready for my trip. I will fill in all the details when I get back.


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