Still Processing Self-Directed Education

Today I had planned on writing several posts on self-direction examples and Heartwood, but ended up just processing what I’ve seen and where I’m going.

Instead of writing about my experiences at Heartwood, I’ve been thinking about how to apply them to the school I’m going to open. What will I do the same and what will I do differently?

Going over the details in my head, I realized, I’m not sure exactly if my thoughts and ideas match the self-direction model.

I have a million ideas for “offerings,” which are classes or lessons offered by adults or children. The students can choose to participate or not. How will I keep the balance between offering interesting educational opportunities and letting the students discover them on their own.

I think this could be a tricky balance.  I definitely need to do more visits and research. When I spoke with staff, they did mention the day I was there was a good day, some days, like the rainy ones can be much more challenging (cooped up children are a challenge for all teachers). I think several visits to several schools will be in order before I can truly make a decision about what my school will offer and look like.

In the meantime, I’ll keep researching and sharing what I find with you. Tomorrow, I’ll get back to telling you about Heartwood, but tonight, I’m going to relax with my public school teacher friends…

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