Heartwood’s Social Activism

One Heartwood mom I spoke with told me she liked several things about the school, but what really drew her to Heartwood was the Social Activism topics they discuss.

I like this idea too. I once had a good friend say, during a heated discussion about teen pregnancy and welfare options, “Well, my family didn’t sit around the dinner table and talk about social issues!”

I responded, “Mine didn’t either!” but actually, we did. Not necessarily around the dinner table, but I grew up discussing social issues including race, religion, politics and the like. I believe, as a result, I have strong feelings toward social activism. I may not agree with how or why people are socially active, BUT, just like voting, I believe all people have a right to be heard when they feel injustice afoot.

Just like I support the troops without supporting the war, I support all those who are fighting against social injustice, and do my best to empathize by put myself in their shoes.

While I was at Heartwood, social activism in general was not discussed, but students and staff did discuss racism and interracial relationships in “Dear Martin” and “The hate U Give.”  Students were able to discuss difficult situations with ease.

Here are some pages posted on the wall, and the mother I spoke to said she really likes that her son can have conversations about different current social issues.

Social activism is part of the culture of Heartwood and I’m assuming the kids can talk about it with ease.


I liked this page about friendship. So important at this age, especially with cyber bullying issues.

I’ve been tending to shy away from these sensitive topics, not wanting to offend anyone, even going as far to think, “I can’t put the equality sticker on my car, what will people think? Will they still support my school?”

I wish I could say I want to just put the sticker on and let people know what I believe, but it’s scary, starting out. I’m not sure what the best “business” approach is, and I seem to be afraid to ask anyone! Except for here – tell me what you think!

I think the more we talk about these issues, the more we can see from the other person’s perspective, the more we can understand and appreciate each other. I do believe we have the option to agree to disagree, it’s a start anyway. I know with our society being so politically charged right now, it’s difficult to say if this is a good idea, but at the same time, our politically charged atmosphere has given more people their true voice than in the recent past. We’ve been humming along, pretending everything is OK, and it is soooo NOT OK.

I’ve always believed solving big problems starts with teaching our children. It takes a village, and they are much smarter then we give them credit!

Change is possible with each and every one of us, and I honestly believe the majority of people want to live in a better world. Our kids will be the ones making laws and decisions about our society. It’s better they are exposed to the social activism now. They’ll have more time to figure out what they really think after weighing all the options.


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