Prizes for Ringin’ in th’new year!

I’m not sure if my New Year traditions are really Japanese traditions, or if it’s just what my mom used to do, because I relate EVERYTHING my mom did as absolute Japanese tradition!

Pretty much every new year we stay up until midnight, and eat noodles and shrimp. Noodles for a long life and shrimp for taste! Then straight to bed, get a good night’s sleep. Get up on time new years day, and do nothing… no cleaning or taking out the trash, no cooking (although I vaguely remember my mom cooking Japanese food on New Years, sukiyaki maybe?), and no spending money. I’ve never been much for Japanese food, so I didn’t eat it. I’d stay inside and do quiet activities, like read.

It’s funny how the routines and concepts we’re exposed to as kids stick with us. My mom’s reasoning for not doing anything on new years day is you’ll do those things the rest of the year. Spending $$, I get it, you don’t want to spend $ all year, working? You don’t want to work all year. Unless you don’t have a job? Cleaning? No one wants to clean all year! Spending time with family, at home, doing quiet activities? Is this how I want my year to be?

Or do I want to be productive? Feel accomplished? Have balance? Be successful? What should my new year look like if this is what I want?

I’ve been struggling with the tradition vs. what exactly? Making up my own stuff I guess.

My goal for December was to post on Facebook and Blog every day for 30 days. I stopped one day short! What the heck! But I’m blogging today and posting today, so technically it’s still 30 days… so I think I did pretty well if not perfect this first month, and will reward myself with the prizes I already purchased anyway. I’m not sure what the short stop was for, self sabotage most likely, but here it is 11 pm on the 31st and I’m going to post!

This is not only about getting out of my comfort zone, but also about getting out of my own way!

On to 2019!

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