What the Heck is Brand Clarity?

Marketing nightmares!! At first I thought, oh, this is interesting, then I just focused on other aspects of starting a school, and now I’m starting the new year with a building my business kickstarter. Abigail from Sweetspot Strategies has helped me through business boot camp, and now I’ve signed up for her Free Facebook Achieve Brand Clarity Challenge!

Now I have decisions to make and a business to build. When I said I wanted to open my own school, I knew there would be business aspects to it, but this stuff is CRAZY! There’s so much to do and think about, which is why I signed up for the Free Facebook Challenge Abigail created on Brand Clarity.

I’ve never really considered brands. Of course I like the brands I like – Arm & Hammer, Tide, and the like, but I didn’t consider how inundated we are as a society with brands. I want to go simple, but then again, I want to stand out, and what about colors, and who am I marketing to, and on and on…

Trying to narrow down the specifics is one aspect, but also understanding the feelings of those whom are prospective “good fit” families is extremely important.

I think schooling is one of the most emotionally charged subjects of all time

While I’m trying to break into the homeschooling culture (they are very guarded since people try to sell to them all the time), I’m not really getting anywhere with taking the pulse of the education community.

But do I want to?

I would much rather have families that are interested in self-directed education find me. I want to be visible yes, but I don’t want to have to constantly defend the educational philosophies we want to employ.

Informational talks yes, debates, no.

Is that a fair assessment of how this really works?

Not that I don’t want to have discussions, yes, by all means, discussions are good. No system is perfect. Can everyone take a different approach together? I think we can, and I think there are people out there that will hold the same beliefs about education that I do.

So the first assignment to brand clarity was to write a love my business letter. Describe a successful day in your vision. What does it look like? Feel like?

I wrote mine to my dad, because he planted the seed of democratic education years ago when I was in high school.

Here’s my letter:


There’s a Q and A at the bottom which comes from the challenge.

I didn’t realize peace was such a huge part of my vision. I want to be at peace with myself knowing I’m making a difference in education. And I want everyone involved to be at peace with themselves.

This is a big plan!  Building on what I’ve already done, I’m going to find direction and come up with a plan that will carry me through the rest of this month!

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