Where Am I and Is There a Straight Line?

Today, I’m combining two days of Brand Clarity into one since I started the challenge a day late!

Yesterday’s challenge was Where am I in my business?  I looked at the number of hours I’m working, what I spend my time doing, the biggest time sucks and distractions, and what am I not doing that I want/need to be doing.

Today’s challenge was to create the straightest path to where I want to go.

After evaluating everything about my business, I realized I’ve been treating it more as a hobby as opposed to a business. I’ve been focusing on the fun stuff – which using the Rock/Pebble/Sand analogy is also a Rock, but one that I think I’ve focused enough on to proceed to the nuts and bolts as I like to call them, or another Rock!

I posted regular work hours on my Facebook Business, but I haven’t been keeping them very well. I haven’t been keeping track of my hours at all, or what I’m doing for those hours. That is part of my organization goal for the year. I’m starting to really feel the need for organizing my days.

I looked for an organizer and kind of found one, but didn’t buy it…took time to think about it and decided I wanted it and they were all gone!  I didn’t take a picture or write down the company, so I’m back at square 1.  None of them really covered everything I wanted to cover anyway, so I think I’m going to create my own system.

I realized through the day 2 challenge, while I’m enjoying researching and visiting schools, that can’t go anywhere if I don’t start in on the nuts and bolts.

I feel like this part of my blog doesn’t have the same flow because I’m more or less floundering through all of this business stuff. Everything is brand new to me, and while I’m also helping my partner start his own paint and lawn care business, we are still very new at this.

So I have my business goals which are HUGE, and now I need to focus on the daily things to get there. I’ve already posted this months goals for getting the state and federal paperwork filed, but I need money. I’m hesitant to ask family and friends, but when I woke up this morning, I decided I would ask – what can it hurt and they see me working hard on this too, so might as well ask right?

Day 2’s challenge was hard to look at, it asked me questions like am I a registered business or licensed?  I had to answer no to most of the questions because I’ve been focused on the philosophy (still a rock, but totally different rock).

Day 3’s challenge is frustrating because I can’t answer honestly!  I have not been tracking how I spend my work hours and so I cannot answer how I’m spending my time and energy and if I need to make changes.

It all seems so simple, but when I’m in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. I’m dedicated to focusing and succeeding!

This challenge and Abigail’s Sweetspot Strategies are very helpful with direction and motivation. I highly recommend them to everyone and anyone on a business adventure!


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